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December 15th, 2005

01:35 pm - Today is the day for One Day at a Time!

Glider - One Day at a Time

Everyone at The Gaia Project is pleased to announce the pre-sale availability of Glider's debut full length: One Day at a Time.

Two years, nine drummers, and ten tracks later the debut full length album One Day At A Time delves into the minds and hearts of listeners. Each track pulls out memories long since forgotten of dreams and days gone by. The heavily delayed and densely reverberated soundscapes are melded with dissonant background noise and are carefully crafted into an emotionally timeless experience. Throwing out all the rules, One Day At A Time delivers an array of sounds with an underlying theme of beauty, happiness, and experiential emotion.

Streaming samples of every track, artist profile with photos and much more can be seen at their profile and yes, you can order the release now for a January 7th availability for the affordable price of just $10. Happy holidays.

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November 1st, 2005

11:36 am - November Specials - New Lower Pricing!
Alright! The holiday season is starting and we're going to kick things off right here at the label. First off, we've added a new way to view band pictures which can be viewed in both Glider and Odelia's profile. Expect the other artists to switch to the new system soon, as well as each photo section broken down into albums so you navigate easier. As a November special we've also lowered the price of Ether Aura's very well received debut album Crash two whole dollars from $12.00 to $10.00. Remember that each order comes with a full package of goodies, special items and more.

There's more savings in store however! We're also lowering all our shipping costs by 50 cents as well. It may not seem like a lot, but we know how hard saving money can be this time of year and we just want to make it easier on you. With all our releases under $10 dollars now with promotional pricing any of our music would make a great gift. Explore the site and listen to high quality track samples, check out our artist profiles and let us know how we can serve you better! Keep an eye out for our monthly residency at Plush if you are local to LA/OC and watch out for FOUR new releases coming soon, including Glider, as well as Honeybreath and Odelia!

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October 5th, 2005

03:53 pm - Honeybreath is Here!
We would like to official announce the signing of Honeybreath to the label! I am very happy to have the chance to work with these amazing musicians, they are all very wonderful people and really have a great sound.

As they are a local label band, we have been attending their shows and providing any support we can. On temporary hiatus, they will be working with us on their debut full length, actually recording here at the house studio. Click 'read' to find out more!

Starting mid-month, Honeybreath will be at the house recording. You can bet their will be great takeout, lots of chatting on the deck between sessions and plenty of behind the scenes video and photos that will be posted to the website. Check out their profile for some older song samples and photos of the band. I have to get back to work doing some organizing and business stuff, so I'll head out and post again in a few days. Hope your Fall is coming along nicely :)

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June 18th, 2005

01:08 pm - New Artist Signed
We are very excited to announce the latest addition to the label, the brilliant darkwave/shoegaze band Ether Aura! Expect an official press release very soon, but we just could not hold back any longer.

With a stripped-down, visceral style that features lush, airy guitars, fuzz-bass, & hazy atmospheres, the sound of Ether Aura can best be described as an eclectic blend of early 90's shoegaze, dark alt-country, dream pop, and garage rock. We really think you will enjoy their sound, and they're very wonderful individuals as well!

It has been a pleasure so far to work with these talented musicians and the process has been very smooth. Let us know what you think by sending us an e-mail, and be sure to check out both their official site and their MySpace profile to give them your feedback! Look for pictures, official press, and more information on their highly anticipated debut full length coming soon.
Current Music: Ether Aura - Waiting

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February 15th, 2005

08:49 am - The Gaia Project : Beauty | Sound | Emotion


There are moments in life when beauty washes over you. Time slows to a crawl. And in that moment the world takes on a new dimension. A change takes place that can not be described, yet that change undeniably alters your perception of everything around you. Even if that moment is fleeting, the feeling can last forever.

We are an independent label that is passionate about bringing music to the world that embraces these moments. Our artists are dedicated to translating these moments into a special musical form and it is why we believe The Gaia Project releases "the music that dreams are made of..."

Hello, we are announcing the launch of our new site and invite you to learn more about our artists and listen to sample tracks. Here is what others have said:

"Somber and self-sanctifying...In its streamlined purity and its oceanic waves of echoing sound, music like Sans Arc's can symbolize precisely what many want from religion -- a mesmerizing simplicity that coddles us with womb-like comfort."

-Splendid Magazine

"(Shelflife's) numerous samples and beats interplay with one another, sometimes overlapping simultaneously to create a dense work that demands close litening, and may even get your head bobbing at times."

-Beautiful Blood Audioworks

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